Bulbophyllum dearei.

Originally introduced from the Philppines as Sarcopodium dearii by Colonel Deare after whom it is named in 1883.  (Gard. Chron.).   H.G. Reichenbach transferred it to Bulbophylum in 1888.

It is also found in Malaysia and Borneo.

 Pseudobulbs are up to 3cm.-(1.25) long and 1cm.-(.3) diam. - unifoliate from the apex with a leaf 10-17cm.-(4-6.75) long and up to 5cm.-(2) broad;  single flowered inflorescence is a little shorter than the leaves and erect.  Flowers are large for a small plant of an intricate and interesting form, the lip is delicately balanced with a swinging movement as if hung by a spring. 

Intermediate temperature, good light, but not direct sulight, 60% humidity, & good air movement are necessary.   Reduce watering somewhat once new bulbs are fully grown.   Do not enjoy frequent re-potting, best grown in shallow pots or mounted, do not allow to dry out completely.