Cattleya  Winniana.                               

This primary hybrid  from C. forbesii x C. gaskelliana created in 1902  by Sir. Joseph Chamberlain, British Politician.

Sepals and petals are white with some light greenish/yellow suffusion; the lip is mainly white with a little pale lilac / purple tinting on the outside of its tube like structure, a more pronounced area of pale lilac / purple surrounding an area of a good yellow.   The column is white.   Flowers are 9-10cm. (4) across and rarely exceed four per inflorescence.   Since this comes from a large pollen parent and a medium sized seed parent the flowers, bulbs, and leaves are medium sized. 

Intermediate to warm growing, good light, good air movement and 65% humidity are essential as is a Very open compost and partial drying of roots between waterings.