Cypripedium parviflorum.

This species must be one of the earliest on record, shown as recorded by R.A. Salisbury, ex Linn., Trans., Linn.Soc. London. 1:77 (1791).   It has over the years been given many other names (syns’):

Crisanthes parviflorum; Cyp. assergens; Cyp.aureum; Cyp.bifidum; Cyp. biflorum; Cyp. calceolos; Cyp. calceolos – var - parviflorum; Cyp. calceolus; Cyp. furcatum; Cyp.parviflorum – var. – makasin; Cyp. pubescens – var. – makasin; Cyp. undorum; Cyp. veganum. 

Early flowerings were known in the U.K. ; Canada; Newfoundland; Georgia; New Mexico & Arizona.

 When grown outdoors it needs a shady location in the shelter of low branches of trees or shrubs in a rich, well  drained humus with a moisture retentive element.   Indoors a cool environment with shade, humidity,  & good air movement.