Trichopilia suavis  x  marginata

According to the official Register of Orchid Hybrids the names shown on the label attached to this somewhat unusual orchid should be reversed and maginata is mis-spelt should be marginata

The same plant is also a natural hybrid under the name of Trichopilia ramonensis.  

Photographed when on display at the D.O.G. Conference at Dresden, Germany March 2004.

 Other Official Records show:

Trichopilia marginata : Collected by Warsz. From slopes of Chirqui Volcano, Panama 1849.

                                       Described by A. Henfrey Gard. Mag. Bot. Pp. 185 1851.

Syn.: Trpla. Coccinea : Wars. Ex Lindl. & Paxton H. Gard 2: 79 1851.

       Trpla. Crispa :      Lindl. Ex Linden Cat. Gen. 22: 45 1869.

       Trpla. Lepida :      W.G. Sm. Fl. Mag. (London) n.s. t. 98 (1874).


Trichopilia suavis :        Lindl. & Paxton Fl. Gard. 1: 44 (1850).

Syn.:  Trpla. Kienastiana : Rchb.f. Gard. Chron. n.s. 20: 166 (1883).